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My legal practice currently focuses on general commercial law and non-patent intellectual property law. This includes, representatively:

In addition, I offer legal services on a contract basis.

The development of my professional background in relation to these subject areas is outlined below. Please inquire using the contact information provided if you have questions about obtaining my services for a particular legal matter.

ContractsExtensive drafting, review, and negotiation of written agreements are a major part of my professional background. Having created and implemented contract-based legal strategies responsive to diverse business objectives allows me to use commercial agreements and the negotiation process to the best advantage of the clients I represent.
Technology and Intellectual PropertyAs an advisor on business law matters, I have structured and provided counsel regarding the creation of a number of technology-driven joint ventures, distributorships, and licensing arrangements. Most of these were international in scope. Handling the associated governance and intellectual property right allocation issues has given me the ability to provide intellectual property protection related advice to clients in a wide variety of industries and stages of commercial development.

On a non-enterprise level, I also have done work in the area of international trademark law. This combination of experience has given me relatively broad knowledge of the application of intangible property law both in the U.S. and in transnational legal environments.
LitigationMy background in litigation has been multi-faceted. It developed through a progression from legal research and writing for a litigation-oriented firm as a law clerk, to reporting on litigation status as foreign local counsel, and, eventually, to participation in litigation management. I also have had significant involvement in the discovery process in complex litigation, particularly with electronic document review.
International BusinessI have broad experience in responding to legal questions concerning the international business activities of multi-national and mono-national companies, as well as those of other types of business entities and individuals. These questions have dealt with subject matter ranging from entity formation, corporate governance, and securities, to litigation management, personnel, and tax. Thus, I am well aware of the special issues facing both people and companies doing business outside their home jurisdictions.
TaxIn terms of tax-related work, I participated in the generation of advice for multi-national companies on all manner of international tax issues related to Japan. As a result, I have had professional exposure to the international operation and taxation of a wide variety of business forms from many jurisdictions, as well as to the concerns involved in the creation of tax efficient international business structures and pricing strategies.

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